Leasing your equipment conserves capital for unforseen expenses and other important uses.

Leasing improves cash flow . Lease payments are made with cash from revenues generated by use of the leased equipment, rather than from your capital resources.

Leasing preserves your established lines of credit so you still have 100% of your bank borrowing capabilities available for your other business needs.

Leasing will not affect your personal credit , but loans or credit cards can affect your score.

Leasing is 100% financing.

Leasing offers customized payment structures available.

Leasing allows you to upgrade your equipment , and keep your business up to date with technology.


Equipment for virtually every industry sector that conducts business can be leased, including Software!

 In 2015, according to the Equipment Lease and Finance Association, over one trillion dollars worth of equipment was leased. Our customers range from small operations to Fortune 100 corporations, and the types of equipment they are leasing are just as diverse. We offer leases as low as $100,000 and as high as multi-million dollar projects.

Medical Equipment
Industrial Equipment

Dry Cleaning Equipment
Construction Equipment
Computers & Software
Furniture & Fixtures
Printing & Publishing
Material Handling Equipment
Telecommunications Equipment
Transportation Equipment
Restaurant Equipment
Automotive Equipment
Metal Buildings
Hotel/Motel Equipment

These are just some of the types of equipment that can be leased.