Founded with the purpose of assisting customers with their business finance needs , Taunton Commercial Capital has proven flexibility. We thrive in uncertain economic times and we make sure our customers do as well.

Taunton Commercial Capital handles transactions all throughout the US. There are no restrictions on the location of the client.

TCC's focus is on equipment finance, particularly funding projects for the healthcare, manufacturing and information technology (IT) industries.  We have recently expanded our offerings to include software finance, the purchasing of lease portfolios, municipal and tax exempt financing, and other unique products for service companies, industrial manufacturers, healthcare providers, not-for-profits and municipalities.

We are an innovative lender/lessor that consistently discovers sources of capital by developing new relationships. We can meet long term customers needs, year in and year out. We connect investors and innovators, uncovering practical ways in which our resources can be put to use by our customers. Our mission is to strengthen a leader’s ability to execute with insight. Taunton Commercial Capital, through its network of  banks, lending institutions and lease companies, can find the best source of funds for the customer at very competitive rates, and requires NO FEES paid by the client to apply.

We take the "hassles" out of the word Financing. 

We give Personal Attention to the Client's Needs.